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Hi There! I’m Mary. 

If you are looking for excellent customer service, quick turnaround time, and very high quality embroidery work you have come to the right place.

A little about me: 

  • I strive for perfection in my work. Always.

  • I'm compassionate for those in need.

  • I respect and love armed forces and first responders.


My Story

From an early age I was crafting. I learned to do hand embroidery from my grandmother and later I learned counted cross stich. I've always loved needle arts and have been drawn to the look of beautifully stitched items. When I discovered machine embroidery I found my perfect match! Beautiful stitches and technical, computer-nerdy embroidery machines. 
After working for others for many years in many different fields, I was struck with the desire to work for myself. Why not? I had a good store of supplies and a spare bedroom; many businesses before me had similarly simple beginnings so I decided I could do it as well. 

From inception, I knew that a name would be an important aspect of my business identity. For weeks (literally!) I pondered my business name. I finally I looked past just myself and thought about my family and it was crystal clear. Patriot! My husband is retired Navy, and both of my sons have served (Army/Navy day is interesting at our home). Many uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews have also served. We have a deep love and respect for our country, extending to the Armed Services, Law Enforcement and First Responders. 

I've since moved in to a portable building on our home property. Having a professional image is very important to me, but that convenience of running to the house to swap a load of laundry is priceless. While business is distinctly separate from home, I have the ability to run to the shop after “normal” hours (and I often do) to do research for a particularly complex job or check supplies, try out a new technique or to meet a deadline.

This brings me to customer service. I strive for perfection and will do my very best to provide top-quality results. I work with many different vendors to find the best garments to suit your needs. While many retail garments can be successfully used for embroidery, those from my vendors are made especially for embroidery and screen printing for the best results.

By Appointment Only

I often meet at customer locations for delivery or to discuss work. It's why I have a “By Appointment” policy. During normal business hours I am usually working, but not necessarily in my shop. I may be delivering an order of baseball jerseys or picking up supplies. I may even be at activities for one of my grandchildren. Customers and visitors are always welcome, but please call first. I'd love to meet with you to discuss your ideas but I'd hate to miss you! 

With love,


PS I must give a nod to my devoted husband, Tony. He's patiently listened to my all of my ideas and finished this shop to each of my specifications. He's so very supportive throughout all aspects of this enterprise and is willing to pick-up, deliver and otherwise schlep for me. I really couldn't have done this without his support.